The German Government abused the German People

The German government has abused your tolerant and hospitable values. It has abused the German people, under the guise of christian and humanistic values, to allow a mass migration from muslim countries.  It has indoctrinated you, that borders are evil,  that it is evil to be proud of your culture, yes, that you should be happy, that anyone whishing so, can settle in Germany and  claim social security benefits, wich your ancesters tenaciously fougt for. It has indocrinated you, that refugees would solve labour shortages, which are a fake. It has indoctrinated you, that thanks to Frau Merkel, you Germans, live in the best of possible worlds, in the ancient  tradition of German idealism. It has indoctrinated you, that there are no alternatives, that things are 'alternativlos'. Well,  real politics is always about alternatives, there are always alternative ways of seeing things and getting things done.

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