De dialogen van Bobby Long

(tok tok tok)

This is Loraine 's house

and who are you?

just no one

I just live here

I 'm sorry about your mother

you look al...lot about her

when 's the funeral?

It was yesterday

Bobby wake up, we' ve got company man 

You already know about the deal

What deal?

The deal the deal

let me tell what the deal is

Lorrainde let 

two thirds of the house

to us

and only one third to you

great deal

sharing this shit hole 

with two alcoholics

you are alcoholics?

Well this shit hole 

is fine to us

This is Lorraine 's house

We cared for here

Well if you

don 't mind

I' m dressing up

I can ' imagine

a young girl like you

has never een a naked man

not an old one


es is Aus!


I made this!


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