Spending Review

I 've got a cunning plan, a plan as cunning as that of a fox that 's just been promoted at the university of cunningness.

Blackadder, as he and his men are about to go 'over the top', leave the trenches and face the German machine guns. The cunning plan is never put into practice and they all die. The images of their running towards us and dying are being slowed down, as well as the sound of the machine guns. It 's a sad end of the Blackadder series, a brillant piece of cultural history of the 1980's.

About legal terminology in the parachute murder trial. There are several words that must not be confused. Before the trial or during the police investigation, Els Clottemans is accused of murder. Police officers suspect she committed the crime. When they think they have enough evidence, she is formally charged with murder. At the end of the proceedings, the jury convicts Clottemans for murder. The judges sentence her to thirty years of imprisonment. 

There 's a heated debate about this trial. Clottemans has been convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence. There 's no conclusive or material evidence (f.e. DNA matches), the conviciton is based on profiling only. Questions are being asked as to the value of profiling. In my opinion, she is guilty. She had the motive, the opportunity and the means. 

In his Spending Review, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has presented the greatest spending cuts in the UK since the Second World War. Half a million of public sector jobs are to disappear. Almost all government branches face cuts in their expenditures up to 30 percent. The British government has taken the most radical austerity measures of the developped countries. Its intention is to bring down the budget deficit from 12% down to 2% of GDP.  Critics are saying that such harsh measures will bring about a recession in the UK. Will private sector be able to create enough jobs to offset the loss of public jobs? Will we face a new social divide in the birthland of the welfare state?

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