I 'm arresting you for murder

  1. Veel, weinig, minder, een beetje in het Engels:
    1. a lot/lots: over het algemeen gebruikt men voor affirmatieve zinnen niet much en many, maar a lot/lots: I have a lot of money (I have much money), he knows a lot of important people.
    2. much en many worden gebruikt in vragende en negatieve zinnen. Much is voor ondeelbare substantieven (bv. money), many voor deelbare substantieven (bv. people): I haven 't got much money. Does he have much money? There weren 't many (much) people at the exhibition. Were there many people at John 's party?
    3. little en few voor weinig. Little is voor ondeelbare dingen, few voor deelbare: I have little money. Few people realise it 's a complicated matter.
    4. a little betekent een beetje: I have a little money
    5. less en fewer betekent minder: I have even less money than yesterday. There were fewer people at the exhibition than the day before
    6. veel te veel is niet much too much, maar far too much: he has far too much money
  2. Saturday evening has always been my crime night. It 's a tradition that has grown (grew) since at least six to seven years. British crime series (serieses) are pretty good. The plots are relatively complex, sometimes there are two or three intertwined narrative threads. Most of the time I 'm not that much interested in whodonnit. Besides (beside), there 's so many information, links and events in them, that your mind can 't process them all. So I just watch and let things unfold). Why are crime series so popular? Beside (besides) whodonnit, which (that) appeals to the curiosity of the human nature, they cast (throw) a dark light onto (to) modern society. Things are not what they appear to be at first glace. At the same time they are about eternal human emotions, such as greed, love, hate, money, sex, power. But one of the main reasons I 'm so fond of them, is that they offer a splendid opportunity to learn spoken English. Spoken English differs widely from written English. Generally spoken, written English uses a lot of long, Latin-based words, while spoken English uses short Germanic-based words and sentences. I don ' feel like focusing extensively on this feature right now.
  3. "I 'm arresting you for murder of Gary Davidson. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you later on, when questioned, rely on evidence you didn 't mention. Anything you do say may be used as evidence".

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