Dialogen 'Elsabeth, Virgin Queen'

Enkele dialogen, niet noodzakelijk in de juiste volgorde:

What  do you do when you 're  facing yiour death?

Some dorm with terror, others spread theri wings an soar like eagles

You  are a very wise man.

And you, Madam, are a very great lady

Here are hard days coming: the rise of an empire and the fall of another

Our mission is to kill a Queen

There are a lot of young man in England, who are eager to lay down their life for the True Faith

We will not fear the shadow of the valley of Death

The Queen is unharmed.


And, you Madam, are to be tried for treason

Mary Stuart must dy

Who says so? Have I ordered it?

The law must have its way

Forgive me Majesty. I have failed you

How have you failed me?

Philip of Spain is a God-fearing man. He cannot declare war without a just cause

I ordered Mary 's execution. I murdered God 's annointed Queen

This Spanish Armada has been seen ...with an army of ten thousand men?

Their combined strength will overwhelm us

We have many weaknesses: we feel too much, we hurt too much and all too soon we dy. But we do have one thing: hope.

My God, England will not fall, while I am Queen

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